About Us

Jennifer Rogers, a proud Panamanian and woman entrepreneur, is the founder of Mi Concierge Online, a virtual concierge and technology company based in Panama City since 2016. Our company is dedicated to providing exceptional concierge hospitality services that are easily accessible through our online office, enabling us to offer memorable experiences to all our customers.

Our services are designed to cater to the needs of expats and tourists, irrespective of their location, by connecting them with the highest quality of products and services they require. We understand that the tourism industry has undergone significant changes over the years, and we continuously strive to update our offerings to deliver exceptional hospitality services.

At Mi Concierge Online, we prioritize serving our clients with the same level of care and attention we would like to receive. We pride ourselves on anticipating their needs and providing creative solutions to any unforeseen situations. Our client portfolio includes expats, corporate companies, individuals, and tourists traveling through Panama.

To enhance our service offerings, we aim to extend our culture of service to our concierge team and industry network, including restaurants, tour guides, and other service providers, through our Service Quality Assurance Program and Customer Service Trainings. This sustainable transformation process will ensure that our customers receive excellent service and have confidence in our team’s recommendations.

Our primary goal is to be available to our customers wherever they are staying and provide them with accurate recommendations that result in memorable experiences.


We elevate experiences within the Panamanian tourism ecosystem through innovative products and services, ensuring that our concierge team and network of entrepreneurs consistently provide exceptional service, fostering a vibrant and trustworthy tourist community.


Lead the tourism industry by pioneering quality and excellence in travel experiences for a non-traditional community. Establish 1,000 Tourist Virtual Office (TVO) contact points, aiming to be the premier online concierge service connecting users with a diverse range of products and services.